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Important Dates and Holidays – Updated

Important Dates and Holidays – Updated

Spearwood Primary School

2020 School Development Days,

Important dates and Holidays.


Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th January 2020

School Administration only – School open for Enrolments and Queries


Thursday 30th January – Friday 31st January School Development Days (Compulsory)


Monday 3rd February         Students Commence: Term One 2020

Monday 2nd March               Labour Day holiday

Thursday 9th April                Student last day: Term One

Friday 10th April                    Good Friday

Monday 27th April                 ANZAC holiday (WA)


School Holidays Friday 10th April to Tuesday 28th April


Tuesday 28th April              School Development Day – Department Mandated:  Covid-19


Wednesday 29th April        Students Commence: Term Two 2020

Friday 29th May                   School Development Day (School Board selected)

Monday 1st June                  Western Australia Day holiday (WA)


Friday 3rd July                       Student last day: Term Two


School Holidays Saturday 4th July to Sunday 19th July


Monday 20th July                Students Commence: Term Three 2020


Thursday 24th September   Student last day: Term Three


Friday 25th September      School Development Day (School Board selected)


School Holidays Friday 25th September – Sunday 11th October


Monday 12th October School Development Day

School Board selected 15/06/20


Tuesday 13th October       Students Commence: Term Four 2020


Thursday 17th December    Student last day school 2020.


Friday 18th December       School Development Day (Compulsory)


School Holidays Friday 18th December 2020 – Sunday 31st January 2021

National Simultaneous Story time

National Simultaneous Story time

On May 27th at 9 am Perth time, Spearwood Primary School participated in the National Simultaneous Story time book reading and activities.


Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas 

“Whitney and Britney are two gorgeous chooks who live alongside Dora von Dooze. But Dora is perplexed – why do her dear chickens seem to sleep all day long? Dora decides to snoop. She follows the chooks out at night to the local jazz club where she discovers, to her amazement, that they are Whitney and Britney: Chicken Divas!”

Written and Illustrated By: Lucinda Gifford

Published By: Scholastic Australia


Student Reports

Student Reports

Semester One 2020 Reporting to Parents

Dear parents/carers

I want to thank you again for your support throughout what has been a very unusual school semester.  The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our entire community and has presented us with extraordinary challenges in managing schooling during the first half of 2020.  I am pleased that together, we have been able to make the best of this situation and ensure your child’s safety and continuity of learning.

With the regular attendance of many students being lower over this time, the breadth and depth of the curriculum covered throughout Semester 1 may have been reduced.  For this reason, schools are not required to include A to E grades on this year’s Semester 1 student reports.  It also means that your child’s attendance may not be reported, and any written comments may provide less information on their progress than usual.

Schooling is once again returning to normal and our students are engaging in the regular curriculum, in their usual classroom environment.  Those approved to learn from home are also being supported.  Semester 2 reports will reflect this and therefore provide the usual, more detailed information on your child’s progress and achievement.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we work together to provide the best learning opportunities for our students. As we progress, I’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new information.

Kind regards

Marta Rotondella


New Mural

New Mural

Thank you to Justin from “Art Sins” who has painted a sports themed interactive mural on the wall outside Room 6, in the junior primary play area.

If you would like to see our time lapse video of Justin working on Friday, it can be viewed here:


Welcome Back to Term 2

Welcome Back to Term 2

Welcome Back to Term 2!

It’s been great to see so many of your smiling faces as we return to school, we have missed you all! We are doing our best to help our school family adjust to these new circumstances. You might see some of us at the gates each morning welcoming your children into the school grounds. If we aren’t there when you arrive, please wait for us as we ferry the little ones to their classes. Rest assured that the school grounds are a safe place for your children and we have implemented extra cleaning routines and have sanitizer available in all classrooms. We will keep you up to date with any new developments as they arise. We are available to chat if you have any questions or concerns on 08 9414 2300.

Regards Spearwood Primary School Staff

Student Work Packages

Student Work Packages

Collect your child’s work package from school on Tuesday April 28.

The package and pencil cases can be collected according to the following timetable. 

Please wait outside the classroom practicing good social distancing. 

Staff will watch for you and call you to the door.

Tuesday 28th April

8:30 – 9:30          EC2 Pre-Primary 

9:30 – 10:30        EC2 Year One                    

8:30 – 9:30          Room 6 Year One

9:30 -10:30          Room 6 Year Two

8:30 – 10:30        Room 16 From front Office

8:30 – 9:30          Room 14 Year 6

9:30 – 10:30        Room 14 Year 5



Please read the latest information from our Principal regarding upcoming school activities and events.


Please see attached letter from Hon Sue Ellery MLC Minister for Education and Training


Special Newsletter


Dear Parent / Carer

As many of you will be aware, The Minister of Education, Ms Sue Ellery today announced that all public schools in Western Australia will remain open until the end of term – Thursday, 9 April 2020.

However, families are now encouraged to keep their children at home if they have the capacity to do so.

For Spearwood Primary School this means:

  • From next week (Monday, 30 March to Friday, 3 April) all children who attend school will be taught as normal.
  • The following week (6 to 9 April) teachers and education assistants will prepare teaching programs for Term 2.
  • During this time (6 to 9 April), students who attend school will be supervised only. There will not be a teaching program in place.

At this stage the arrangements for Term 2 in schools are yet to be determined. These arrangements will be communicated to you as soon as they are finalised. As mentioned above, teachers will be working on teaching programs for next term in the last week of this term.

In the meantime, for those who have access to the internet, you may wish to have a look at the Department’s website Learning at home which contains many resources for parents to use with children from Kindy to Year 6.

It can be found at:

Thank you for your ongoing support during a very difficult time for all in the community. I wish you and your families well.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Irving


26 March 2020


Edu-Dance Concert, Easter Hat Parade, 3-Way Conferences, ANZAC Ceremony, Bingo and Canteen


In line with updated advice we regretfully advise that the following Spearwood Primary School events are cancelled: Half day close for Three-Way Conferences, ANZAC Ceremony.  Last week the school also cancelled the Edu-Dance Concert and the Easter Hat Parade.   Weekly Bingo and Friday Canteen are all cancelled for the rest of Term One and for Term Two. 

Please try to minimise how much exposure your children have to all the information.  Let’s work together to lessen their anxiety.  Children need to know about hand washing and hygiene habits that will lessen their chances of getting flu or Covid-19.  They also need to know that they are safe.

If your child is unwell please keep them at home.  Everyone is going to be more anxious about every cold and flu this year.  Please inform the school and get well at home.

It is a stressful time and a lot of information coming at all of us every day.  Principals’ and schools receive updated information and instructions after midday on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I will keep the school community updated when anything changes for students and families.

I will send home paper notes like this for important information and it will also be put onto the website and Connect Notices.  Please check student bags daily and other electronic sources for school information.

Marta Rotondella


Monday 23rd March, 2020

Education is open

Education is open

Access to online resources for Spearwood Primary School students are available here.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to access, mathletics,, learning at home, soundwaves and connect.

If you do not have your student login please contact us.

Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools

Tennis Clinics

A big thank you to Mrs Irving for organising our clinics.

Nick from the Tennis Academy by Mike Gill, is a fabulous coach.  We have a great time learning skills with fun games such as Mouse Trap, Splat, Bash and Bump.  Most importantly we have learned the split step, a forehand hit and a backhand hit.

We love our beautiful new equipment that we are using and looking after very responsibly.

Thank you also to the Prefects and Faction Captains for setting up the equipment in the morning.

Look out Wimbledon – here we come!