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Breakfast Club is Back

Breakfast Club is Back

Breakfast Club is back for 2018 and is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8.00am and 8.25am.

Our breakfast club helps to improve student learning, engagement and attendance.


Spearwood Primary School's Breakfast Club
Spearwood Primary School’s Breakfast Club
Aussie of the Month

Aussie of the Month

This year we have introduced Aussie of the Month at Spearwood PS which recognises personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the community and reflects some of the values we share as Australians, such as fair go, mateship, respect and inclusion.

Teachers nominate students for each assembly and then one student is selected to receive this special award to celebrate their commitment to the Australian values we embrace at our school. The first student to receive this award at our school was Lavina, Room 14.

To find out more about this award please visit the Aussie of the Month website.


Lavinia Aussie of the Month
Lavinia from Room 14 – Aussie of the Month February 2018
From the Community Health Nurse

From the Community Health Nurse

Welcome to the new school year. My name is Sabrina Honschooten and I am the Community Health Nurse who visits your school.

Community Health Nurses work in schools to promote healthy development and wellbeing so students may reach their full potential. A major part of our work is focused on early intervention and the School Entry Health Assessment program.

Community Health Nurses serve as a health contact point for children and their families, providing information, assessment, health counseling and referral. The services provided are free and confidential.

If you have a concern about your child’s health or development, please contact me on 93140100.

Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day

Friday 2nd March will be Spearwood Primary School’s ‘Clean Up Australia’ day activity. We are a registered site and will be working as a school community to collect, sort and analyse the types of rubbish that is typically found around our school.

Students are encouraged to bring a pair of disposable gloves and will be given clear guidelines around the types of rubbish that is safe to pick up.

Schools Clean Up Day is a fun and engaging way for us to teach our students, young Australians, about the responsible disposal of rubbish, resource recovery and the repercussions of rubbish dumped irresponsibly in the local environment.

For more information about Clean Up Australia Day and Clean Up Schools Day visit their website.

Student Leadership Team for 2018

Student Leadership Team for 2018

Congratulations to the students who are members of our 2018 student leadership team. Whilst the voting process for School captains and prefects was completed at the end of last year, our faction captains were decided upon by students and staff last week.

Our Student Leadership team play an important role in our school through consistently modelling positive behaviour in addition to embracing a range of leadership roles such as representing our school at community events, presenting merit certificates and speaking regularly at assemblies about school programs.


Abby - 2018 School Captain
Abby – 2018 School Captain


Michael - 2018 School Captain
Michael – 2018 School Captain


School Captains:

Michael and Abby


Samantha, Floyd, Genevieve and Lily




Faction Captains:


Sam and Christina


Kaleigha and Dylan


Samantha and Divine

Swimming Lessons – Year 5/6

Swimming Lessons – Year 5/6

With swimming pools and beaches a part of the Western Australian lifestyle, ensuring your children can swim competently and safely is a must for all families. Spearwood Primary School year 5 and 6 students have spent a wonderful 2 weeks at Coogee Beach participating in the Education Department’s Learn to Swim program.

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