Principal’s Message

In 2017 Spearwood Primary School became an Independent Public School.  The school community have taken this opportunity to grow and develop with the new autonomy offered.  The school has a highly effective School Board and a very successful Parents’ and Citizens’ organisation (P & C).

The school prioritizes quality teaching in a high care environment.  The school maintains academic priorities in the first two General Capabilities of Literacy and Numeracy.  Our students consistently maintain academic standards that are above or equivalent to ‘like schools’ as tested by National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) testing each year.  We constantly strive to increase these academic performances with considerable successes in:  Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.

Our School Motto is:  Spearwood Primary School:  A Key to the Future.

Spearwood has a strong focus on computer literacy running a Specialist Digital Technologies program for students.  The school is well resourced to ensure our students have diverse Information and communication technological skills with a computer laboratory and iPads used in classrooms.

I have been at Spearwood Primary School as Principal since term three 2015.  I am continually impressed with the staff diligently working for the students and the strong positive community working together.  I look forward to working with the school community to ensure we continue to achieve excellent  results as together we embed the school business plan’s focus of:

  • High expectations of success for every student in the school.
  • High quality teaching with a focus on best possible teaching practices.
  • Effective Leadership .
  • Strong governance and support.

Below is a picture of Mrs Janine Griffiths and myself receiving Spearwood Primary School’s Independent Public School certificate from the Director General of Education, Mrs Sharon O’Neill and the Minister of Education, Hon Peter Collier MLA on 21st October, 2016.

Marta Rotondella, Principal

Principals message
Spearwood Primary School Principals message 2
Spearwood Primary School


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