Spearwood Primary School Board 2017

2017 is the schools inaugural year as an Independent Public School and also our first year with a School Board.  School Boards are required to have from five to fifteen members.  The School Board must have a majority of parent and community members.  Spearwood Primary School Board now has complete membership of nine members: four staff, four parents and one community member.

Staff Members are voted onto the School Board by Spearwood Primary staff at the beginning of the year on the School Development Days.

2017 Staff Members:      

Marta Rotondella, Principal – Mandatory Member of School Board

Carol Derbyshire, Manager of Corporate Service and Board Secretary

Toni Lang and Carmela Hrvatin, teachers.

Parent Members are nominated by parents and voted on for membership by parents. The three parent members of the 2016 School Council all continued their membership and have been transferred to the 2017 School Board.  Nominations were called for one additional parent member and with one only nomination received there was no need for a parent vote.

2017 Parent Members:

Annette Paterson, Christine Heath, Kim Clarke continuing parent members.

Yvette Bowyer, new parent member.

Community Members are nominated and voted upon by the School Board including staff and community members.  In 2016, the nomination came from a discussion on extra community members at the first School Council meeting in March 2016 and on the 28th April, 2016 at the P & C AGM parents who included School Board members also nominated Janine as a Community Representative.  Janine was unanimously accepted at the School Board meeting on 23rd May, 2016.

2017 Community Member:  Ms Janine Griffiths.        

Role of the School Board

School Education Act 1999 States that the financial functions of a School Board for a school are:

To take part:

  • In establishing, and reviewing the school’s objectives. Priorities and general policy directions;
  • In the planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund  those objectives, priorities and directions; and
  • In evaluating the school’s performance in achieving them.

To approve:

  • Voluntary Contributions and Charges.
  • Extra cost optional components of the school’s educational programme.
  • Items for personal use in the education programme.
  • Advertising and sponsorship arrangements
Spearwood Primary School


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