Lightning Carnival

Lightning Carnival


Spearwood Primary School’s amazing soccer team are shown at the 2017 Lightning Carnival. They are the 2017 C.D.S.S.A. Winter Sports Carnival-Division B Soccer– CHAMPIONS. Well Done!

Thank you to Mr Lea and Mr Roberg for the great coaching and all your time helping the team.


On the 22nd of June we went on a bus to go to the winter carnival to play hockey. When we got there we went through some skills and practised. There were two halves to a game, eight people went out to play in the first half and eight for the second. First we versed Newton then Coolbellup, Sam-son 2 and South Coogee. Then we had a lunch break, some of our parents came and we did some more practise. After lunch we versed Bibra Lake and Samson1 then we got a bye, (watching other teams play). We played around a little, got food from the canteen and watched the other teams play. We all worked extremely hard as a team and had fun and some of us made friends and rivals. We didn’t get to see the scores because we had to leave early. It was a fun and exciting day, we were all exhausted.

By Taigh & Jeremiah


On Thursday the 22nd of June the year four, five and six’s went on an excursion to Success Sports Oval to play against other schools in the netball Lightning Carnival. It was super fun! The year four and fives were in division D versing other D division schools. In this division Spearwood Primary did great, we got third place. Everyone was almost brand new to netball and we learnt a lot over the day.

In division C Spearwood won first place. This was really ex-citing for us all because we got to take home a trophy. Every-one had a fun and a super fantastic day, thank you to Ms Gartner and Miss Smith for training us and taking us to the carnival.

From Shakayla and Michael.