Waterwise Incursion

Waterwise Incursion

On Tuesday 25th July, students from Pre-Primary to Year Six participated in a range of interesting and engaging Water Wise incursions, presented by Tanya Burnett and Megan Brown from the Water Corp.

Rooms 5 and 6 had a lot of fun learning about waste water, what goes down drains, and the correct ways to dispose of items in order to maintain our wastewater system.

Rooms 8 and 16 thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experiences focusing on the importance of groundwater as a water source in Perth, the geology of an aquifer and groundwater contaminants.

Room 9 students were engaged in ways that made them think about where they use water and just how much water they use at home and in the garden. They have a greater awareness of just how precious water is and the importance of water conservation.

In learning about water in Aboriginal culture, students in Room 14, have a better understanding and appreciation of how Aboriginal people found and preserved water sources by having a strong connection to their environment.

Our students really connect with water education. They continue to develop the knowledge, understandings and habits for responsible and sustainable water usage.

Year 3 Writing

Yesterday we had a water wise incursion. We learned about groundwater and we made an edible aquifer. We got to know where our water comes from. It was yukky water. When we made our aquifers, we used ice, ice-cream, hundreds and thousands and lemonade. We also used food colouring.  It was the best in my life. It was fun.


On Tuesday we had an incursion about aquifers. The person’s name who came in was Tanya. Emily got chosen to do a magic trick, where she squirted a little bit of water on a limestone rock. The water soaked into the limestone. The limestone turned into an aquifer. We made our own edible aquifers with ice for the limestone, ice-cream for the sand, sprinkles for the organic material, food colouring for pollution (if we wanted to) and lemonade for the rain (if we wanted to). We used a straw as a bore and a spoon as a spade. I really liked the incursion and I reckon it was the best one yet!


On Tuesday the 25th July, we had a water wise incursion. This lady came and her name was Tanya. She was from the Water Corporation. She taught us about aquifers. Aquifer is a limestone that has water in it. We also talked about where we get our water from. We did a magic trick and I got to do it. After that, we made an edible aquifer. There was ice, ice-cream, hundreds and thousands, and lemonade for limestone, sand, organic material, pollution and rain. At the end we got to eat our aquifer. I had so much fun and it was the best incursion so far.