Consent2Go Reminder

Consent2Go Reminder

Parents and carers are reminded that Spearwood Primary School uses Consent2Go for excursions and incursion permission. The system has replaced our paper process for obtaining parent permission and consent.

The picture below shows the content of the email you will receive. By simply clicking on the blue box you will be automatically connected to the system.


Consent2Go Screenshot


There is no username or password required to use the system. All information is stored in accordance with the Australian privacy requirements.

You will be asked to update your contact details and your child’s medical and allergy information. This only needs completing once; parents can then easily update and change details if required through the system.

The school will also use the system to collect payments from parents for excursions. Parents may also attend the school and pay in person if they prefer.

Consent2Go is being introduced to improve the process for parents by providing the school with the most up to date information regarding their child’s medical or other related information. This greatly improves the school’s ability to manage school excursions and events.

Please contact us if you require more information.