P&C – Welcome

P&C – Welcome

From the new President

My name is Donna Juner and I am the new president of the Spearwood PS P&C. We would welcome any volunteers to help out with the canteen and or other activities we will be holding during the year. Our first priority will be opening the canteen every Friday. I am pleased to advise that our first re-opening day will be Friday 8th March. A new menu will be circulated early next week and I would appreciate all families supporting the canteen ensure that it remains open for the rest of the year. We are looking for volunteers to help out in the canteen for a couple of hours and hopefully we will be able to put together a roster of parents to help out with food preparation and serving the children at recess and lunchtime. If you are interested in volunteering please put your name down in the office and we will contact you.

We will keep you updated with P&C news throughout the year in the schools newsletter.

Our P & C Executive Members:


Donna Juner

Vice President

Karen Hagarty


Renee Smith


Katie Anderson

Executive Committee? Members

Needmore Zendera, Lanie Endaya, Coral Atkins

P & C VIPs:

Canteen Manager

Position Vacant

School Banking

Jody Bridges

Scholastic Book Club Co-ordinator

Renee Smith

Uniform Shop

Donna Juner

Breakfast Club

Position Vacant

Bingo Co-ordinator

Sheila Loveland