World Environment Festival – Bibra Lake

World Environment Festival – Bibra Lake

On Wednesday the 12th June, Year 4s and 5s participated in the World Environment Day at Bibra Lakes Cockburn Wetlands precinct. We had the opportunity to do five different activities throughout the day with well-informed guides and volunteers.

Our first activity was looking at the tiny invertebrates that enhance the natural life cycles of both the rivers and the lakes. We had to find them and look at them through the microscope to identify them.

Next we looked at our Australian wildlife, especially the slightly smaller ones found around us. We had a go at setting up research traps, pretended to catch wild life and weigh and measure them.

We then walked to the lake and looked at water clarity and we did experiments to explore the effect of vegetation on the water quality. After that we investigated carbon dioxide and its effect on our world in another series of experiments.

Our final activity involved the land fill, looking at the mould and bacteria that break down the landfill and the gases they produce. We used fruit and biscuits to make a simulated land fill bowl and then we ate it.

We had a fantastic day and we learned lots of great new things about looking after our environment and about those special people who work hard to help.