Book Week 2019: Reading is my Secret Power!

Book Week 2019: Reading is my Secret Power!

On Wednesday the 21st of August, Spearwood Primary celebrated Children’s Book Week with an amazing Book Character parade. All the students and staff had great fun in their costumes and special effort was made to ensure each child had a book to go with their costume. Mrs Williams also worked with the students from Room 14 to tell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar with lots of giant food. This was a big surprise to myself as I was also dressed as a Very Hungry Caterpillar (which recently celebrated 50 years of publication). A special mention goes to the staff who all dressed up as a different Pig the Pug book. Mrs Derbyshire in the office also had an amazing blow-up dinosaur costume that some kids thought looked a bit scary!

Myself and Mrs Dowding had the difficult task of choosing the best costumes and were thrilled to be awarding so many book prizes to students.

Thank you to all the parents and students who put so much time and thought into the planning and construction of their costumes. We had some pretty original ones this year which will be hard to beat!

Mrs Day-Davies

Awards were given to the following students for their awards:

Lego Policeman (Elliot)
Areonauts (Jasper)
Spider (Axel)
Viking (Declan)

Room 6
The Little Mermaid (Saanvi)
Pirate Polly (Kaitiana)
Minecraft Zombie (Ellis)
Frozen’s Anna (Rachelle)

Room 8
Unicorn (Queen)
Scarface Claw (Antoinette)
Ninja Kid (Jeremiah)

Room 16
Queen of Hearts (Fiona)
Scooby Doo (Lyla)
Chewbacca (Cooper)

Room 14
The Bad Guys (Kobi & Aiden)
Moana (Lavinia)
Nevermore (Tania)