Year 6 Legacy Project Launch

Year 6 Legacy Project Launch

Each year, the graduating Year 6 students contribute a major project to Spearwood Primary, not only as a thank you to the school but also to leave a lasting reminder of their contributions during their primary years.

This year, our Year 6 Legacy Project culminated in a grand official opening ceremony. We had a smoking ceremony to cleanse the school and invite good spirits. A big thank you goes to Ms Marie Taylor, an Aboriginal elder who conducted this ceremony and gave Welcome to Country.

Mr Tim Kelly entertained us with his amazing didgeridoo playing and the Year 6 students conducted an assembly to introduce the project to all of the very special guests who came to see the amazing work.

The idea for the project came about because during Term 2, Room 14 was studying the Indigenous seasons and decided to use these to enhance our grounds. A committee, headed by our amazing Manager of Corporate Services Ms Carol Derbyshire, fantastic school board chair Mrs Janine Griffiths and our equally incredible AIEO Ms Julie, then worked hard to make it happen.

An Indigenous season was assigned to each cluster and we coordinated the seasons to match the age level of people working in that block

Each season is represented by its own colour, so each block has splashes of bright colour, representing the plants that grow at that time of the year.

Mr Steve Cirjak, a graphic designer, with contributors from The Cockburn Community Men’s Shed then created the beautiful animal wall plaques that are now visible around the school. The plaques show the animals most abundant during the season. The Year 6 boys then painted the plaques in the appropriate colour.

Ms Julie and the Year 6 girls designed and made welcome bracelets that were a gift to our special guests.

We have placed signage, outlining each season at each block, to educate our future generations.  Our door and wall signs were also designed and created by Mr Cirjak. The Year 6 Legacy Project this year was made possible through a generous grant given by the City of Cockburn.

The Year 6 students performed beautifully on the day, giving researched information to tour groups throughout the morning. They should be proud of their efforts and will have an amazing reminder of their contributions to Spearwood Primary School. Below are their thoughts on the day.