Packed with Goodness Lunchbox Session

Packed with Goodness Lunchbox Session

Yesterday some parents and staff attended the Packed with Goodness lunchbox information session.

It was filled with ideas and information on how to pack a healthier lunch box. Here are some of the key ideas:

  • children need 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables every day
  • most children are getting the fruit but NOT the vegetables
  • try to pack vegetables into the lunch box so not all 5 serves need to be eaten with dinner
  • make crunch and sip vegetables
  • children do not need any other drinks other than water and milk (fruit juice boxes contain 4 teaspoons of sugar!!!)

Some healthy ideas to try:

  • swap white bread for grain bread
  • try some unusual or less common vegies ie raw mushroom, snow peas
  • swap packet snacks for fresh snacks
  • for great recipes and ideas for fussy eaters visit