Winter Carnival – Soccer

Winter Carnival – Soccer

Soccer Report

This group of 11 students from Room 14 did an amazing job at the Cockburn Districts School Soccer Competition on Friday the 11th of June. Due to unforeseen circumstances the group have not had the opportunity to train as a team before this event. Well done to Lyla  Year 6 who extended her School Captain Role to encourage and inspire the team spirit to get us started.

Our on field defence team were amazing. Cooper (Year 6) and Ezeckiel (Year 5) stood shoulder to shoulder and created a strong defence line and they were responsible for many turnovers. They were backed up by our intrepid Goalie Jeremiah (Year 5), who stopped almost every ball that got past the other two boys. I was complimented on the strength of our defence team.

The  Year 6 girls, Lyla, Kate, Raezhel, Fiona and Summer played combos of forward and mid field and threw themselves into the game from the start. Lyla’s ball skills and understanding of the game helped the team enormously.

Our mid field/forward team were helped enormously by Peter (Year5), Allen (Year4) and Kobi (Year 4).  The boys were continually on the ball and had the skills to support the team. Special mention must go to Allen who was the youngest and smallest player on the field. He played with gusto against opposition twice his size and even when sidelined twice for minor injuries, was itching to get back into the game.

A special thank you goes to Mrs Lillian Crofts who helped all day and to Mr and Mrs Hlungupi, for their support, especially Mr Hlungupi for giving the team a mini training session during break time.

The highlight of the day came at the end when we finally won our first game 2-1 against Samson Primary. Then at the presentation, a new award was introduced.  It was to be decided by collected votes from the umpires. The Fair Play award recognises that children’s sport is about enthusiasm, enjoyment, consideration, and all round good sportsmanship.  Out of 18 teams, the Award went to our very own Spearwood Primary School Soccer team. This is a real credit to our whole community!