World Environment Day Excursion

World Environment Day Excursion

On Thursday the 3rd June 2021 Room 14 went on an excursion to participate in the World Environment Day Festival. It is normally held at Bibra Lake but this year due to the ongoing building works, it was held at Harmony Primary School.  The students participated in five different activities run by qualified members of the Native Arc Centre at Bibra Lake.

Our first stop was the Black Bream. This presentation was a series of games and well thought out information points, set up in a rotation form by the students of John Tonkin College in Greenfields.

Next we visited the Food Chain activity where students looked at the need to balance the environment so the food web system stays balanced.

The next stop was the Wicked Water Bugs, we got to look for the tiniest bugs in the wetlands and investigate and classify them using microscopes.

After lunch we visited the Reptile station. We learned about bobtail goannas and snakes, we even got to touch them if we wanted to. The goannas where rough and the snake was very smooth. Our guide explained what we needed to do if we saw them in the wild and how to get them off the road so no-one gets hurt.

Our last stop was the Frog habitats. In groups we had to study a specific frog and then use the local environment to create a suitable habitat for them. We shared our work and information.

The day was well run and we all learned something new. I spent the day constantly being congratulated by the behaviour of the students, a few people saying they are a credit to our school.  So well done to the students in Room 14.