Athletics 2021

Athletics 2021

Our First Tuesday the 14th September went without a hitch but our planned Thursday had to be postponed because of inclement weather.  The weather was so bad that it washed away a lot of our line markings, which are done twice in the term, and damaged the 200m track.  Even on our wonderful delayed event on Tuesday 21st we were unable to hold the 200m championship event and had to replace it with a 100m event. In spite of this one issue, our delayed Athletics Carnival was a great success.

It was a very warm day but students were wearing sunscreen and protected by our shade shelters in the bays.

Thank you to the whole staff and P & C volunteers who worked hard all day in many roles. Thanks to the P & C for lunches and the Raffles.

Thank you to our gardener Mr Nick Taylor, and his set up and pack up crew.  It takes so many people working hard to make this annual highlight event.

Thank you to the parents who came along and cheered and respected all the Covid-19 plans we put in place to allow the event to run.  This year there was no rubbish left in the family area.  Thank you for being role models for your children.

Thank you and Congratulations to all of the students, I was impressed that we had no students give up no matter how far they were behind.  Great sportsmanship shows great character.

Congratulations to Blue Faction – Spirit Shield Winners!  They started the day with the best cheering and marching and kept up that team spirit all day.  I was very impressed with how they encouraged each other when they were not winning. They kept trying until the very end.  Gold challenged them with some very good cheering this year but they held on for the win for this shield.

Congratulations to Green Faction, which had some of the students who demonstrated the best sportsmanship of the Carnival.  Cheering for and congratulating other teams and competitors.  I would like to make a special mention of Allen as one of the students I consistently noticed doing this in Green.

Congratulations to Gold Faction who won the Carnival again this year.

The final score was:  Gold 455, Green 350 and Blue 221.

Factions folder

Congratulations to the Runners Up and Age Group Champions:


Junior Boy Champion Eliazer Blue
Junior Boy Runner-up Tafaris Gold
Junior Girl Champion Charlotte Gold
Junior Girl Runner-up Willow Green
Intermediate Boy Champion Allen Green
Intermediate Boy Runner-up Kobi Green
Intermediate Girl Champion Hayley Green
Intermediate Girl Runner-up Ali Gold
Senior Boy Champion Peter Gold
Senior Boy Runner-up Jeremiah Gold
Senior Girl Champion Fiona Blue
Senior Girl Runner-up Lyla Green