Book Character Parade 2021

Book Character Parade 2021

On Friday, 27th of August, the students at Spearwood Primary concluded Book Week with our annual Book Character Parade. We were very pleased to see 100% costume attendance for the second year running.

This year the staff dressed as a variety of different witches from an assortment of different books. Ms Rotondella, when questioned about her lack of costume by the P&C, reminded us all “They [witches] live in plain sight, disguised as normal women” (from The Witches by Roald Dahl). Very sneaky!

Thank you to all parents and caregivers who helped in the construction and assembly of all those costumes. Everyone looked fantastic.



Prizes were awarded as follows:


Class Book character prize Creativity prize Prefects prize
Pre-Primary Evie

Pete the Cat



Billie B. Brown

William as Optimus Prime


Oli D.

Alpaca’s with Maracas


Room 6 Jasper

The Solar System


The Legend of Zelda


Remy & Luka

Family Forrest



… as Marshmallow


Room 7 Ali

The little girl who lost her name


Harry the Dirty Dog



The Mad Scientist next Door

Cody & Brock
Among Us
Room 14 Antoinette

Sage Cookson


How to be an astronaut




Mr Wolf’s Class


Real pigeons fight crime