Student Leaders 2022

Student Leaders 2022

Student Leadership

Congratulations and well done to our School Captains: Hesha and Ezeckiel and our three Prefects: Antionette, Amelia and Peter on earning these positions for 2022.

Last week students elected Faction Captains and Vice Captains.  As we are such a small school almost all of our Year Six students now have leadership positions. Congratulations to:

Blue CaptainsJoshua and Hesha

Blue Vice Captains: Zeyla and Maddison

Green CaptainsAmelia and Ezeckiel

Green Vice Captains: Hannah and Allen

Gold Captains:  Antionette and Peter

Gold Vice Captains: Jeremiah and Bora

This group of year sixes have already been such amazing leaders that they have impressed me.  Once they have a responsibility they are getting their jobs done.  These students put up flags, put out junior play equipment and help out all around the school.

Thank you Year Sixes you are doing a great job!