Science Week

Science Week

There were plenty of science activities during Science Week from 15-19 August 2022.

Our Kindy students tried stacking ice cubes on top of each other.  They managed to stack 3 but when they added salt to the ice cubes, they managed to stack 6 without them falling over.

Room 6 students looked at the life cycles of plants and animals.  Farmer Kate delivered 12 fertilized eggs to our school along with an incubator and brooder, and they were lucky enough to hatch 9 chicks.  The students also grew grass seeds to make “Hairy Head” plants.

Students from Room 7 created floating boats.  They used different types of materials to build a boat that could hold as many stones as possible.  They worked in groups to create amazing models.

Room 14 students had the opportunity to go on a STEM excursion to Newton Primary School.  STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  The students had the opportunity to work with people from various positions across the mining industries.  They worked in groups and worked their way around various stations learning about circuits, using VR headsets to watch a virtual picture of an underground and open cut mine and learnt to program mini robots.