STEAM Morning – Room 14

STEAM Morning – Room 14

On Monday 19 September, Room 14 had a fun STEAM Morning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

There was a wide variety of hands on activities set up around the senior area and students worked in pairs to explore, design, experiment or create.  The morning was great fun, with lots of hands on learning achieved.

They had a City, Engineering and design area where students had to create a city, complete with bridges and towers.  They also had access to K’Nex where students followed instructions to design a balance scale.   The Forensic Finger Printing Lab gave them an opportunity at doing their own finger prints and comparing them to others with the use of a magnifying glass.

City, Engineering and Design area
Building a balance scale using K’Nex
Finger Printing



























In the Computer Lab there were microscopes giving the students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of micro views of our natural world.  A  huge set of Marble Maze pieces were placed on the floor where they had to design a long downward run for a marble.  There was a Tumble game where students needed to work out how to get some tiny balls down a near vertical board using a series of well-placed levers.  A very challenging activity was the tower building using playing cards.

Microscopes to explore the natural world
Tumble Game
Building a tower with playing cards

Students had a paper tearing competition to see who could make the longest strip from a piece of paper.  The final activity involved using symmetry to draw the other half of their faces from a half photo.  Some student just estimated while others used rulers to get the exact measurements.

Paper tearing competition
Completing the other half of our face photo