SERCUL Excursion

SERCUL Excursion

On Friday the 11th and Friday the 18th November, Spearwood students from pre-primary to year 6, attended an excursion to the South-East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL), an independent Natural Resource Management body in Perth. SERCUL brings together the community, business and government to develop and implement projects that improve the health of our waterways and other ecosystems.

Our pre-primary to year 2 students participated in activities showing how to care for our waterways to encourage and sustain wildlife into our ecosystems.

Our year 3 to 6 students were treated to a working model of how our waste-water travels through our environment and the importance of caring about the products we use.  We discovered that everyday items, like vinegar and lemon juice, make effective cleaning materials and don’t impact our wildlife. We even cleaned a car!

Thank you to Ms Derbyshire who organised both excursions. We learnt that we can make small changes that have BIG impacts for our environment.

The Excursion was made possible with support from the City of Cockburn Environmental Grants and the Spearwood Primary School P & C.