Healthy Eating Incursion

Healthy Eating Incursion

On 17 and 24 May, the year 5 and 6 class participated in 2 sessions presented by Laura t’Hart from Cockburn Healthy Schools Program.

They had fun sorting several different and unfamiliar foods into their correct food groups.  Reading nutrition panels was both interesting and challenging.  They also looked at how misleading some product packaging can be, giving the impression that the product was a healthy choice.

It was very ‘eye opening’ to see how much sugar, salt and saturated fat is hidden in our everyday products.  Even a few small, simple changes in product choices can make a difference in our diet.

Each student also received a small recipe book full of delicious and simple healthy recipes to try.

Remember – Try to have 2 Fruits and 5 Veggies each day.