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Edudance 2022

Edudance 2022

Congratulations to all of our students for their awesome performances in the annual Edu Dance Concert.

The children have been learning their dance moves and practicing every week this term.

Thanks you to our Edu Dance teachers for their expert help in preparing us to show off our new dance moves.

Parent and carers you can view the videos on our private You Tube Channel.

Links have been sent home via Connect.


Harmony Week 2022

Harmony Week 2022

This week we have been celebrating Harmony Week.  On Monday, students were encouraged to wear something orange or clothes from their culture.  During the week, classes participated in Harmony Day Activities and learnt about different cultures.

Sporting Schools Ultimate Frisbee!

Sporting Schools Ultimate Frisbee!

Ultimate Frisbee

This week we started our 4 week course of Ultimate Frisbee.  Although it can be very challenging, everyone showed some improvement after just 1 lesson.

Everybody had a fabulous time and they are looking forward to our next lessons.

Thanks to Sporting School Funding we are able to offer this to all students from PP-Year 6.

Clean Up Day

Clean Up Day

Clean-up schools Day

On Friday 4th March, Spearwood held the annual Clean-up day.  Thanks to Ms Irving for organising again this year.  The school was pretty clean and most rubbish was blown in.  Well done to students and our gardener, Mr Nick Taylor, for keeping our school looking so good and mostly litter free.

On Friday, 4th March, the whole school grabbed some gloves and a few plastic bags and took part in the Step Up to Clean Up Day. The students from Room 6 cleaned up the oval and basketball court, Room 7 cleaned up around the library, undercover area, main entrance and the big oval while Room 14 cleaned up around the school boundary.  Room 14 took on the task of sorting and classifying the rubbish. Here is what we found:

20 cigarette butts

22 pieces of metal

31 pieces of glass

105 pieces of paper

148 pieces of plastic

The most unusual items found were a Christmas card from 2020, a wrist band from an event with pineapples on it and an empty beer carton. As a whole class, we discussed what item of rubbish the students would like to see less of and all unequivocally agreed that it was cigarette butts. They also expressed disappointment about broken glass being found so close to the school.

However, this is a vast improvement from last year, when 124 cigarette butts were found,1323 grams of glass, 895 grams of metal, 571 grams of paper and 606 grams of plastic.

22.02.2022 Tu-Tu and Tie Day

22.02.2022 Tu-Tu and Tie Day


We had a fun “Tutus and Ties’ Day to celebrate 22-02-2022.  The children and staff dressed up and everyone did several activities based on the number 2.  Did you know 22-02-2022 is a ‘palindrome’ – the same left to right and right to left, and an ‘ambigram’ – the same upside down?




On Tuesday the 22 February, our school Librarian came in and ran a special program during sport! When Mrs Day-Davies is not at work, she is often down at Cockburn Ice Arena playing the winter ice sport of curling with Curling WA. To celebrate the Winter Olympics, Mrs Day-Davies brought in two special Land Curl kits, which allowed us to have a go at curling on dry land. As well as learning how to play the game, we also learnt about the Spirit of Curling, which is how curlers show good sportsmanship and always celebrate other teams’ success (even if we lose).

Thank you to Mrs Day-Davies and Curling WA for loaning us the equipment so that we might have a go at this 500 year old sport. We had a lot of fun!

Student Leaders 2022

Student Leaders 2022

Student Leadership

Congratulations and well done to our School Captains: Hesha and Ezeckiel and our three Prefects: Antionette, Amelia and Peter on earning these positions for 2022.

Last week students elected Faction Captains and Vice Captains.  As we are such a small school almost all of our Year Six students now have leadership positions. Congratulations to:

Blue CaptainsJoshua and Hesha

Blue Vice Captains: Zeyla and Maddison

Green CaptainsAmelia and Ezeckiel

Green Vice Captains: Hannah and Allen

Gold Captains:  Antionette and Peter

Gold Vice Captains: Jeremiah and Bora

This group of year sixes have already been such amazing leaders that they have impressed me.  Once they have a responsibility they are getting their jobs done.  These students put up flags, put out junior play equipment and help out all around the school.

Thank you Year Sixes you are doing a great job!

Thank you Assembly and Morning Tea

Thank you Assembly and Morning Tea

On Friday December 3rd we celebrated all of our volunteers with a special thank you assembly and morning tea.

The Classes thanked the P&C, School Board, Classroom and site based volunteers.

There is a saying that – ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and we know that we need the support of the community to increase all the opportunities for our students.  We try to make sure we thank people along the way but this was our big group thank you to all who help out to build our amazing school community.  We know how lucky we are to have so much support in such a small school.

Thank you from the staff and students of Spearwood Primary School for every little and big thing you do for us.  Thank you for your time, efforts and donations.

RAC Little Legends

RAC Little Legends

On Tuesday 23 November, the Kindy’s to Year 3’s all participated in a wonderful Road Safety Incursion presented by the RAC.

The children worked co-operatively in groups, where they became accident investigators trying to decide who caused the accident.

They learned about and discussed:

  • The correct side of the car to get out (curb side).
  • Wearing visible clothing when it is dark.
  • Not riding bikes and scooters on the road.
  • Using crosswalks correctly.

All children were actively engaged in the discussions and enjoyed the presentation.

WA Opera

WA Opera

On Thursday 18th November, Pre-Primary to Year Six students were delighted, educated and entertained by a free Opera incursion.  We were entertained by:  Soprano; Brianna Louwen, Base, Jake Bigwood, and Pianist, Robert Graham. These talented people performed for an hour and they were amazing, funny and educational all at the same time.  We thank them for this wonderful opportunity to learn.