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Athletics 2021

Athletics 2021

Our First Tuesday the 14th September went without a hitch but our planned Thursday had to be postponed because of inclement weather.  The weather was so bad that it washed away a lot of our line markings, which are done twice in the term, and damaged the 200m track.  Even on our wonderful delayed event on Tuesday 21st we were unable to hold the 200m championship event and had to replace it with a 100m event. In spite of this one issue, our delayed Athletics Carnival was a great success.

It was a very warm day but students were wearing sunscreen and protected by our shade shelters in the bays.

Thank you to the whole staff and P & C volunteers who worked hard all day in many roles. Thanks to the P & C for lunches and the Raffles.

Thank you to our gardener Mr Nick Taylor, and his set up and pack up crew.  It takes so many people working hard to make this annual highlight event.

Thank you to the parents who came along and cheered and respected all the Covid-19 plans we put in place to allow the event to run.  This year there was no rubbish left in the family area.  Thank you for being role models for your children.

Thank you and Congratulations to all of the students, I was impressed that we had no students give up no matter how far they were behind.  Great sportsmanship shows great character.

Congratulations to Blue Faction – Spirit Shield Winners!  They started the day with the best cheering and marching and kept up that team spirit all day.  I was very impressed with how they encouraged each other when they were not winning. They kept trying until the very end.  Gold challenged them with some very good cheering this year but they held on for the win for this shield.

Congratulations to Green Faction, which had some of the students who demonstrated the best sportsmanship of the Carnival.  Cheering for and congratulating other teams and competitors.  I would like to make a special mention of Allen as one of the students I consistently noticed doing this in Green.

Congratulations to Gold Faction who won the Carnival again this year.

The final score was:  Gold 455, Green 350 and Blue 221.

Factions folder

Congratulations to the Runners Up and Age Group Champions:


Junior Boy Champion Eliazer Blue
Junior Boy Runner-up Tafaris Gold
Junior Girl Champion Charlotte Gold
Junior Girl Runner-up Willow Green
Intermediate Boy Champion Allen Green
Intermediate Boy Runner-up Kobi Green
Intermediate Girl Champion Hayley Green
Intermediate Girl Runner-up Ali Gold
Senior Boy Champion Peter Gold
Senior Boy Runner-up Jeremiah Gold
Senior Girl Champion Fiona Blue
Senior Girl Runner-up Lyla Green


Fire Fighter Visit 2021

Fire Fighter Visit 2021

Last week the Firefighters from Success Station visited some of the Year 2 and 3 students.

First they gave us some important safety messages:

  • Don’t charge your devices on a soft surface
  • All items should be kept 1 metre from the heater
  • Organise a family fire escape plan
  • Don’t leave rechargeable power packs for tools on charge over night

We then got to sit in the fire truck, look at the equipment and the best part was squirting the water hose.

All the students had a great time and learnt a lot about fire safety.

Father’s Day Lunch 2021

Father’s Day Lunch 2021

On Friday September 3rd the P&C made an amazing lunch for all of our Dad’s/Uncles/Father Figures!

Thank you to Mrs Janine Griffiths, School Board Chair, P & C Executive member, Volunteer Canteen Manager, etc. who on top of her weekly many hours volunteering to run the canteen organised and cooked the pies and special orders for the Father’s Day Lunch.

Thank you to her amazing side kick our P & C President Dianne Hunter.  Thank you to their extra workers on the day who were so needed and appreciated:  Jodie Bridges, Donna Juner, Amy Hobson and Irrine Dawa.

The P & C made the lunch possible and then the Fathers came and had fun playing with their children in the school yard.  The weather turning nice just in time for our day it was wonderful all around.

Book Character Parade 2021

Book Character Parade 2021

On Friday, 27th of August, the students at Spearwood Primary concluded Book Week with our annual Book Character Parade. We were very pleased to see 100% costume attendance for the second year running.

This year the staff dressed as a variety of different witches from an assortment of different books. Ms Rotondella, when questioned about her lack of costume by the P&C, reminded us all “They [witches] live in plain sight, disguised as normal women” (from The Witches by Roald Dahl). Very sneaky!

Thank you to all parents and caregivers who helped in the construction and assembly of all those costumes. Everyone looked fantastic.



Prizes were awarded as follows:


Class Book character prize Creativity prize Prefects prize
Pre-Primary Evie

Pete the Cat



Billie B. Brown

William as Optimus Prime


Oli D.

Alpaca’s with Maracas


Room 6 Jasper

The Solar System


The Legend of Zelda


Remy & Luka

Family Forrest



… as Marshmallow


Room 7 Ali

The little girl who lost her name


Harry the Dirty Dog



The Mad Scientist next Door

Cody & Brock
Among Us
Room 14 Antoinette

Sage Cookson


How to be an astronaut




Mr Wolf’s Class


Real pigeons fight crime



Author Visit 2021

Author Visit 2021

On Wednesday 18th of August, Spearwood Primary hosted visiting author Sally Murphy at our school. Sally is an author of more than 50 children’s books and she brought a selection with her to talk to the children about how to find ideas for writing, as well as how to make interesting complications and resolutions when writing our own stories.

It was particularly interesting meeting Sally as one of her books, Looking Up¸ was illustrated by A?ka, who visited us last year. It was interesting to hear about how authors and illustrators work together, and how little input an author gets to the illustrations of their writing.

Some of our students purchased books from Paper Bird in advance, which Sally signed (as well as the books we had in the library!). We are looking forward to reading more of her books throughout the year.

Food Sensations 2021

Food Sensations 2021

On Tuesday the 10th August, Room 7 went to the science room to cook lots of delicious food.

There were five groups. There was Super Sweet Potato, Pasta Blast, Wonder Water and Melonator.

Pasta Burst was my group, it was great to cook, I mean chop, dice and scoop! We made carrot, beans, capsicum and dip. Sweet Potato made some rolls, Wonder Water made noodles and chicken – I loved that! Melonator made curry with peas and corn, it was good but altogether it was DELICIOUS!

I think that today was my favourite day EVER!

Hiroshima Day 2021

Hiroshima Day 2021

On Friday 6th of August our school captains, Lyla and Ashlee, accompanied by Ms Irving and Mrs Crofts attended the City of Cockburn’s Hiroshima Day Commemoration. Every year the council recognises the tragedy of Hiroshima by inviting local students, Japanese dignitaries and special guests to participate in a tree planting activity in one of the local parks. This year we planted native trees at Bishop Park in Spearwood. The Mayor and Japanese Consul released two white doves to represent mutual respect and hope for continuing peace. Following the tree planting, we went back to the Council building for a wonderful morning tea and some very tricky origami folding. Lyla coached Ashlee, Mrs Crofts and Ms Irving through the more complicated parts of our “Peace Crane”. It was a very special day and one which makes us pause and reflect on the tragedy that occurred in Hiroshima and the lasting effects of the bomb which devastated the city.

Spearwood Tree Day 2021

Spearwood Tree Day 2021

On August 5th, every class had the chance to plant a tree thanks to Nick our gardener, and the volunteers on our Grounds Committee. Nick explained to the classes and all students got to touch the tree and shovel some soil in to help it grow. Nick showed us the plaque to be placed on the wall and told us all about our beautiful tree. The area behind Bunuru Block will soon be a beautiful, tree filled area that will provide homes for birds and natural shade.

Thank you to PALS and City of Cockburn for partially funding this activity.


ATCO Gas – Blue Flame Kitchen

ATCO Gas – Blue Flame Kitchen

Recently the Year 4, 5 and 6 class went to visit the Atco Gas facility in Jandakot.  They learnt about all the different pipes that are used to carry gas into our houses.

They also helped to prepare, cook and serve a delicious and healthy morning tea and lunch, rounded off with chocolate brownies for afternoon tea.

The students were also responsible for all the tidying up and cleaning afterwards.  Everyone received a recipe book and a pencil case filled with gifts.

We all had a fabulous day and want to go again next year.


P&C Day

P&C Day

On July 23 Spearwood Primary School students celebrated P&C Day.

We made cards and thank you letters for all of the P&C helpers who work so hard to give us our canteen, excursions, play equipment, big day out and so much more.

The team then enjoyed a special afternoon tea and received a box of chocolatey treats.