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Marine Safety Incursion

Marine Safety Incursion

On Wednesday June 23 the team from Marine Safety visited us with their boat and safety equipment.

Students learnt about being safe around boats and on the water, saw a distress flare lit and had a chance to climb onto the boat!

Winter Carnival – Netball

Winter Carnival – Netball

Netball Report

The senior class recently participated in the Winter Lightning Carnival.

Even with our very small population we managed to enter a Soccer team and a Netball team.

I am so proud of both our teams as we had a very limited training and they both performed very well.

The netball team had no previous experience at all but by the end of the day they were playing their positions very well and won 4 out of 5 games.

Our cheer squad was amazing!

They were so loud and enthusiastic.

Once again my thanks to our P & C for our fabulous sports uniforms.  Whenever we wear them to an event we get several positive comments.  (The team got a real buzz when they heard people talking about their uniforms.)

The group was awesome – they looked great, behaved well, showed great sportsmanship and represented our school very well.

Fortunately the rain held off and everyone had a great day.

Winter Carnival – Soccer

Winter Carnival – Soccer

Soccer Report

This group of 11 students from Room 14 did an amazing job at the Cockburn Districts School Soccer Competition on Friday the 11th of June. Due to unforeseen circumstances the group have not had the opportunity to train as a team before this event. Well done to Lyla  Year 6 who extended her School Captain Role to encourage and inspire the team spirit to get us started.

Our on field defence team were amazing. Cooper (Year 6) and Ezeckiel (Year 5) stood shoulder to shoulder and created a strong defence line and they were responsible for many turnovers. They were backed up by our intrepid Goalie Jeremiah (Year 5), who stopped almost every ball that got past the other two boys. I was complimented on the strength of our defence team.

The  Year 6 girls, Lyla, Kate, Raezhel, Fiona and Summer played combos of forward and mid field and threw themselves into the game from the start. Lyla’s ball skills and understanding of the game helped the team enormously.

Our mid field/forward team were helped enormously by Peter (Year5), Allen (Year4) and Kobi (Year 4).  The boys were continually on the ball and had the skills to support the team. Special mention must go to Allen who was the youngest and smallest player on the field. He played with gusto against opposition twice his size and even when sidelined twice for minor injuries, was itching to get back into the game.

A special thank you goes to Mrs Lillian Crofts who helped all day and to Mr and Mrs Hlungupi, for their support, especially Mr Hlungupi for giving the team a mini training session during break time.

The highlight of the day came at the end when we finally won our first game 2-1 against Samson Primary. Then at the presentation, a new award was introduced.  It was to be decided by collected votes from the umpires. The Fair Play award recognises that children’s sport is about enthusiasm, enjoyment, consideration, and all round good sportsmanship.  Out of 18 teams, the Award went to our very own Spearwood Primary School Soccer team. This is a real credit to our whole community!

Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week

Spearwood Primary School celebrated with in-class activities yesterday under the theme of:

“More than a Word. Reconciliation takes action”

Reconciliation Australia’s theme for 2021, urges the reconciliation movement towards braver and more impactful action.

Reconciliation is a journey for all Australians – as individuals, families, communities, organisations and importantly as a nation. At the heart of this journey are relationships between the broader Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Students from Pre-Primary to Year Six rotated around three activities designed and led by the Cultural Committee.  After a delicious morning tea supplied by the P & C and Cultural Committee using Bush Tucker ingredients, the students were broken into their faction groups so the older children could help and work with the younger children.

The factions rotated around so all children did:  Hand Prints on the log in the Nature play area, Face Mask painting and Traditional Stories and Designs colouring in.  Thank you to our very proactive Cultural Committee for this special day.

The Cultural Committee is driving our School Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).  This committee are also working to enhance the learning opportunities of students in Aboriginal Cultural education.

Recounts from Room 7

On Tuesday I painted a mast with the Aboriginal colours and it looked amazing with the lines and strikes on it. At the library Mrs Day read a story to us about birds and learning what the bird’s names are. At the Art Room we painted our hands to put our hand prints on the Nature Play log and I painted my hand blue. It looked so good. – Ian

Reconciliation Day is a special day for Aboriginal People because we share connections and relationships. We first went to the library to do a colour-in and learn about birds. Secondly we went to the Art Room and painted the Nature Play log. Thirdly we painted masks for Reconciliation Day. It was so colourful. – Stephanie

Reconciliation Day is where people join together and have harmony and we did painting and we were reading and we did our mask painting. It was fun. – Brock


World Environment Day Excursion

World Environment Day Excursion

On Thursday the 3rd June 2021 Room 14 went on an excursion to participate in the World Environment Day Festival. It is normally held at Bibra Lake but this year due to the ongoing building works, it was held at Harmony Primary School.  The students participated in five different activities run by qualified members of the Native Arc Centre at Bibra Lake.

Our first stop was the Black Bream. This presentation was a series of games and well thought out information points, set up in a rotation form by the students of John Tonkin College in Greenfields.

Next we visited the Food Chain activity where students looked at the need to balance the environment so the food web system stays balanced.

The next stop was the Wicked Water Bugs, we got to look for the tiniest bugs in the wetlands and investigate and classify them using microscopes.

After lunch we visited the Reptile station. We learned about bobtail goannas and snakes, we even got to touch them if we wanted to. The goannas where rough and the snake was very smooth. Our guide explained what we needed to do if we saw them in the wild and how to get them off the road so no-one gets hurt.

Our last stop was the Frog habitats. In groups we had to study a specific frog and then use the local environment to create a suitable habitat for them. We shared our work and information.

The day was well run and we all learned something new. I spent the day constantly being congratulated by the behaviour of the students, a few people saying they are a credit to our school.  So well done to the students in Room 14.

Pizza and Paper Planes – Spearwood Dad’s (Fathering Project)

Pizza and Paper Planes – Spearwood Dad’s (Fathering Project)

On Saturday May 29th the dads and kids from Spearwood Dad’s group held a pizza and paper plane fun night at Spearwood Primary School.

We took our time to make as many planes as we liked, tested them on the basketball court and then decorated them for the big ‘fly off’ competition.

Dad’s competed against dads and there were two heats for the kids with the little ones going first.

Some fantastic distances were flown with a few planes going all of the way across the undercover area!

Every child won a prize, thanks to our group leader dad Kyle and one dad and 2 kids one a $20 gift card for the longest flight and the best decorated plane.

We then enjoyed delicious pizza thanks to Domino’s Spearwood who catered for all of our hungry tummies!

We cant wait to see what our next dads and kids adventure will be 🙂


Talk 4 Writing Assembly

Talk 4 Writing Assembly

At our assembly, the PP – Year6 classes show cased the whole school Writing Program. This was a dynamic display of how we implement the writing program in our classes. Talk for Writing is an approach to teaching writing that encompasses a three-stage pedagogy: ‘imitation’ (where students learn to recite texts, to identify transferrable ideas and structures), ‘innovation’ (where students use these ideas and structures to construct new versions with their teachers), and ‘invention’ (where teachers help students to create original texts independently). These tasks aim to improve writing ability by giving students an understanding of the structure and elements of written language. All classes presented the first stage of the process – the ‘Imitation’ phase.

Celebrating our Mum’s

Celebrating our Mum’s

Mother’s Day 2021 was celebrated with our annual mothers day stall where children can select a gift for mum, followed by a lunch for all of our mum’s nanna’s and aunties.

Thank you to the P&C and Canteen who provided a special and delicious lunch for all of our lovely mums!

ANZAC Service

ANZAC Service

On Friday 23rd April, Spearwood Primary School held its ANZAC service.  Well done and Thank you to the wonderful staff:  Mrs Maria Gorman, Mrs Terri Dowding and Mrs Susie Williams for pulling together such a lovely service with such a short preparation and practice time.

Congratulations to the students doing the readings Lyla and Ashlee, School Captains and Fiona, prefect.  Thank you to Jayde and Cooper, prefects, for doing the flags.

Thank you to the parents who donated flowers for our lovely class wreaths.


Thank you to Returned Service League RSL representative Mr Arthur Stanton for your lovely speech.  Mr Stanton was so impressed and moved by our School song that he said he choked up and wanted to stand and join in the marching.

Well done to all our Spearwood students on their respectful behaviour and singing of the national Anthem anthem and School song.  We don’t applaud at ANZAC services but you do deserve a round of applause for your efforts.