It is expected that all members of the Spearwood School community will:

  • Treat other people respectfully and their property with respect.
  • Walk around school buildings and play in the designated play areas.
  • Always play in a safe way and keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves.
  • Seek assistance if there is a problem that we cannot solve.
  • Use courteous manners when speaking to other people.



Students have the RIGHT to: Students have the RESPONSIBILITY to:
•  learn in a purposeful and supportive environment;

•  work and play in a safe, secure friendly and clean environment;

• be treated with respect and courtesy.

•  ensure that their behaviour is not  disruptive to the learning of others;

•  behave and speak in a way that  protects and respects the safety and wellbeing of others;

•  ensure that the school and personal workspace is kept safe, neat and tidy;

• ensure that they are punctual, polite, prepared and display a positive manner.

Staff have the RIGHT to: Staff have the RESPONSIBILITY to:
•  be treated with respect, courtesy and honesty;

•  teach in a safe, secure and clean environment;

•  teach in a purposeful and non-disruptive environment;

• have co-operation and support from parents and colleagues.

•  model respectful, courteous and honest behaviour;

•  ensure that the school environment, including classrooms and school grounds, are kept safe, secure, neat and tidy;

•  establish positive relationships with students, colleagues and parents;

• plan and monitor student progress.

Parents have the RIGHT to: Parents have the RESPONSIBILITY to:
•  be informed of course and curriculum material, behaviour management procedures, and decisions affecting their child’s health and welfare;

•  be informed of their child’s progress;

•  access a meaningful and relevant education for their child;

•  be heard in an appropriate forum on matters related to the rights of their child to an appropriate education. E.g. Case conference interviews.

•  ensure that their child attends school;

• be punctual so students don’t miss key instructions and learning.

•  ensure that their child is physically and emotionally ready for effective learning;

•  inform the school of any issues that may impact the child’s ability to learn and thrive at school;

•  ensure that their child is provided with appropriate materials to learn;

• support the school in providing a meaningful and relevant education for their child;



Students must abide by the Code of Conduct to maintain Good Standing.


Students must have Good Standing to

participate in Extra-curricular activities.

Code of Conduct Spearwood Primary School
Code of Conduct Spearwood Primary School
Spearwood Primary School


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