2024 Dates

Wednesday 31st January          Students Commence: Term One 2024

Monday 4th March                            Labour Day Public Holiday

Thursday 28th March              Student last day: Term One


School Holidays Friday 29th March to Sunday 14th April

29th March Good Friday – 1st April Easter Monday


Monday 15th April                  Students Commence: Term Two        

Tuesday 25th April                       ANZAC Day

Friday 31st May                       School Development Day (School Board selected)

Monday 3rd June                         Western Australia Day Holiday (WA)

Friday 28th June                    Student last day: Term Two


School Holidays Saturday 29th June to Sunday 14th July


Monday 15th July                       Students Commence: Term Three

Friday 16th August                     School Development Day (School Board selected)

Thursday 19th September           Student last day: Term Three

Friday 20th September               School Development Day (School Board selected)


School Holidays Friday 20th September – Sunday 6th October

Monday 23rd    September King’s Birthday


Monday 7th October                   Students Commence: Term Four

Thursday 12th December           Student last day school 2024.

Friday 13th December                School Development Day (Compulsory)


School Holidays Friday 13th December 2024 to Tuesday 4th February 2025

Students Commence Wednesday February 5th 2025.

2020 Term Dates Spearwood Primary School
2020 Term Dates Spearwood Primary School
Spearwood Primary School


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