Ms Marta Rotondella Principal
Mrs Joanne Harper Deputy Principal


Teaching Staff

Ms Terri Dowding & Mrs Melinda Nelson Room 14: Year 5/6
Mrs Samantha Bell Room 16:  Year 3/4
Ms Casey Bright Room 7:  Year 2/3
Mrs Lisa Miller Room 6: Year 1/2
Mrs Shelly Reynolds EC2: Pre-primary
Mrs Nicole Russell EC1: Kindy
Mrs Melinda Nelson Humanities and Social Sciences
Ms Rona Gartner (Tue, Wed & Thurs.) PE/Health
Mrs Maria Gorman Italian


Education Assistants

Mrs Rachel Deeley (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
Ms Tabitha Riches (Mon, Wed-Fri)
Mrs Elaine Visioli (Mon – Fri)
Mrs Susie Williams (Mon – Thurs)
Mrs Suzanne Jarrett (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Emma Mader (Tue, Wed, Fri)

Support Staff

Ms Julie Waigana Aboriginal Islander Education Officer
Ms Carol Derbyshire Manager Corporate Services
Mrs Karen Gore (Mon, alt Thur.)

Miss Letitia Semyrko

 School Officer

School Officer

Mrs Susan Day-Davies (Wed and Alt Thur)  Library Officer
Ms Erica Obrador Cleaner In Charge
Ms Lanie Endaya  Cleaner
Ms Maria Fernandes  Cleaner
Mrs Ermita Paran

Mrs Analyn Guanzon

Mr Declan Prince




Mr Nick Taylor (Mon, Tues, Thurs)  Gardener
OUR TEACHERS Spearwood Primary School
OUR TEACHERS Spearwood Primary School
Spearwood Primary School


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