Our Vision

Develop student’s cultural awareness of Australia’s First Nations peoples,

Build an educated community that learns from the past and shapes a socially just future,

Create an environment that fosters acceptance and pride in self,

Encourage connection to First Nations peoples’ cultures and heritages,

Value all people so they can participate in the community.

Our Plan

In 2022 Spearwood Primary School published a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) through Narragunnawali.

This, our first Reconciliation Action Plan outlines the actions we will take to build Relationships, Respect and Opportunities around the school.

Our AIEO Julie WAIGANA kindly donated the artwork ‘Common Ground’ as a reconciliation gift to the school, you will see this artwork on our staff shirts and other places around the school.


I have titled this painting Common Ground as Spearwood is a very multicultural area. The symbols in this painting depict the travel from home to meeting place (school) where teachers, children and parents travel to and from daily and how Spearwood is surrounded by freshwater holes and lots of good vegetation.

By Julie Waigana


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