Health & Physical Education at Spearwood Primary School

In Health and Physical Education, students learn how to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation in varied and changing contexts.

Pre-Primary to Year six students participate in Physical Education as a specialist learning area with Mrs Rona Gartner. Students also do fitness and other physical education sessions with their class teachers. In the early primary years the focus is on Fundamental Movement skills. In middle and upper primary classes fundamental game skills are taught.

Spearwood Primary School participates in a variety of sport clinics with a number of different sporting associations visiting the school to provide free skills sessions to develop interest in a variety of sporting disciplines.

All students from pre-primary to Year 6 participate in Department of Education funded, in-term swimming lessons which develop water safety and skills critical in our climate and water oriented lifestyles.

Each year students also participate in a whole school dance and fitness program, Edu dance.  Edu dance is a creative dance program designed for Primary school students developed in Perth, Western Australia.  It provides all primary school age children with the opportunity to be part of a fun and energetic dance program within their own school community.

Spearwood students compete at school and interschool sports including:

  • The Faction athletic carnival
  • interschool athletics competition
  • Winter Lightning Carnival
  • Cross Country

In 2021 at the Interschool Lightning Carnival the much younger and smaller soccer team were told that sportsmanship and fun were their aim for the day.  They came back with the ‘Fair Play’ trophy for sportsmanship and knew we would be so proud.  In 2022, the school received an email from a competing school about how kind and what great sportsmanship our students demonstrated.

Spearwood Primary School students are always well-presented, perform competitively and display outstanding team skills and good sportsmanship.

health & Physical Education Spearwood Primary School
Spearwood Primary School


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